Air Charter Flights for Ontario, CA

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Western Air Charter is offering low-cost charter flights from the Ontario, CA airport. Ontario airport offers 24 hour access for arriving and departing charter flights.  Ontario airport is a gateway to the expanding Inland Empire of southern California.  Western Air Charter can handle your air charter needs, whether you are local executive with meetings in small towns in the southwest, or if you are a visiting executive for business meetings in California.


Executives can arrive from most domestic and international airports and can handle business in the Los Angeles and southern California area through the use of our charter aircraft.  Executives find this to be very efficient by avoiding the unpredictable southern California freeway traffic, and enjoying the comfort of a charter plane.  


Charter flights are also offered in all of the surrounding area airports, such as Chino, Riverside, Redlands, and San Bernardino.  San Bernardino airport is ramping up to be a major reliever airport for Ontario, offering first class facilities for executive charter flights.  The new MillionAir executive air terminal is probably the most luxurious and well-equipped facility we have ever seen for catering to charter flights.


Consider air charter as an alternative to airline travel out of Ontario, or other Inland Empire airports..  No, we cannot compete on price with a Southwest flight to Sacramento.  But if you need to visit smaller towns in California, Nevada, or Arizona, air charter can meet your needs, while saving you valuable time and hotel costs.




Western Air Charter


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