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Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

Western Air Charter provides air charter flights to and from the Los Angeles area, including LAX aiport.  Executives in the area may arrive at LAX and then take our air charter planes to local cities for their business meetings.  Executives find this to be very efficient by avoiding the unpredictable Los Angeles freeway traffic, and enjoying the comfort of a charter plane.  However, many executives find that our charter flights operating out of the smaller airports, such as Hawthorne, Torrance, Santa Monica, or Van Nuys to be much more efficient.  Departures and arrivals at the smaller airports have fewer delays, and fees are lower.  If you are an executive in Los Angeles for business, we can accommodate your local air charter travel at LAX or any of the nearby airports.

Air charter to or from Los Angeles is very comfortable in our Cessna 421, with pressurization and club seating arrangement.  This aircraft is suitable for longer flights or when baggage loads or passenger comfort requires a larger cabin.  You step up through an airstair door and get seated comfortably on large leather seats with plenty of legroom.  The air conditioned cabin and amentities like fold-out tables allow you to enjoy your trip, while even getting some work done, if you choose.  This aircraft can get you to your destination with the speeds and comfort of larger airplanes, but at much more attractive rates.  Call for a custom air charter quote.

For even lower rates, check out our Cessna 310.



Cessna 421 exterior Cessna 421 aft
Cessna 421 cabin Cessna 421 fold-out table/desk
Cessna 421 galley

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